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Elder Futhark Runes (Rustic) - The Carnutian Workshop
Elder Futhark Runes (Rustic) - The Carnutian Workshop
Elder Futhark Runes (Rustic) - The Carnutian Workshop
Elder Futhark Runes (Rustic) - The Carnutian Workshop

Elder Futhark Runes (Rustic Oak)

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Handcrafted divination tools. Elder Futhark Runes

100% Handcrafted, this set is a rustic old world look with the 24 Runes. Hand Cut from Reclamined Oak wood with wood burnt rune letters finished with a dark homemade stain. Sealed with orange oil and beeswax. Comes with a rustic burlap black pouch and a rune booklet.

The Futhark Rune System which the 3 best known are the Younger, Elder, and the Anglo-Saxon, along with a small mixture of other regions and cultures. They are most commonly used for divination. Helping open the inner intuition to help guide yourself along life's path. You will find that with the use of these runes, we are able to naturally divine our own fates by these reminders to be more aware important aspects in our view.

From the Poetic Edda, the Runic alphabet was a gift from Odin. The word Rune itself meaning ‘secret wisdom.’ The Edda tells of their tale. Odin hangs for nine nights upon Yggdrasil wounded, with no water or food he then sees the reflection of the runes in the water

“Wounded I hung on a wind-swept gallows For nine long nights, Pierced by a spear, pledged to Odhinn, Offered, myself to myself The wisest know not from whence spring The roots of that ancient rood.

They gave me no bread, They gave me no mead, I looked down; with a loud cry I took up runes; from that tree I fell.”

The 24 letters are divided into three groups of eight letters called ættir.

The First Aett - Fehu,Uruz,Thurisaz,Ansuz,Raido,Kenaz,Gebo,Wunjo

The Second Aett - Hagalaz,Nauthiz,Isa,Jera,Eihwaz,Perthro,Elhaz,Sowilo

The Third Aett - Tiwaz,Berkano,Ehwaz,Laguz,Ingwaz,Dagaz,Othila

The Elder Futhark is not a historically accurate system its a reconstruction by scholars. The Younger Futhark is what we find in the Norse lands.