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Lugus Spear (Rustic) Gaulish Mementos
Lugus Spear (Rustic) Gaulish Mementos
Lugus Spear (Rustic) Gaulish Mementos

Lugus Spear (Rustic)

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The Lugus Spear.

Lugus is a God of the Gaulish people there are many theories surrounding him. He his said to be like the Roman Mercury and the Germanic Odin/Woden and was one of the main gods worshiped in Gaul. His name means "God Of Oaths" a god of Destinies and Oaths he Is patron of trade and commerce, protector of travelers, and the inventor of all the arts. He is also known as the God With A Spear. He is coupled with Rosmerta.

This Spear is made from Oak Wood, which the druids believed to be the source of the strength and energy of their gods. 

The words Duir, Dru, Drus, and Daur are an old Celtic and Greek word for Oak which also means Door. Giving truth to spirituality believed and mythology that the oak is a spiritual gateway.

The Gaulish Polytheism community do not have many symbols to represent our beliefs or Gods so we are making a line of Rustic Pendant symbols to represent our Gods and Goddesses. To wear or for a memento on your altar. 

Length - 3 Inch

Width - 1 Inch

Rustic Look Dark Brown To Light Black

with a hemp cord

Production and copyrighted design The Carnutian Workshop - Craft Guild

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