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Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

We are a part of a growing family of Modern Day Gauls.
We create items to help you get and stay connected with Deoui (Gods).

Crafting items for you to sit back and look at. Let them take you to a calming place.

Our Name

The name Carnutian comes from a powerful Gaulish people in the heart of independent Gaul - The Carnutes of Cenabum. Its believed that Cenabum (modern-day Orleans in France) was the center of all Gaul.  

The great annual Druid gathering took place in the forests around Cenabum. The Carnutes were one of the reason for the uprising in Gaul against Roman rule. The Carnutes sent 12,000 fighting men to relieve Alesia from Caesar's invasion into Gaul but shared in the defeat of the Gallic army against Caesar.  We honor the memory of the past to help guide us in the now. The Carnutian is the name that the gods gave us to work in their names and to remember we once were all free peoples. So in our craft, we try to give acknowledgment to the Old ways, Old Gods and our Ancestors.  
Bringing to light the Old Gods and Goddess’ and the old people’s ways of life.

Deep within the Forest, there is a Sacred Grove. An arcane glow of inspiration and creativity lay within.


 In the stillness, Awen arrives. The magic awakens and there’s nothing more magical than creating something. Not to mention discovering yourself in creating. We all were born from Awen ~ It is Natural Magic.