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Sucellus Hammer Pendant
Sucellus Hammer Pendant

Sucellus Hammer Pendant (Pewter)

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The Hammer of Sucellus.

The Hammer is a symbol from a powerful and widely worshiped god Sucellus. He was The Gaulish Pantheon of Gods and Goddesses.

His name means "Good Striker." And, is thought to be the main god that descended into the Gauls. He was a God of the Underworld, Agriculture, Forest, Alcohol, Wealth, Fertility, Feast, Providence. Call on to Sucellus for Protection or Provision. And, His consort is Nantosuelta.

This Hammer is made from Lead-Free Pewter. Cast by traditional method. Hand-carved and then made a mold and hand-poured the metal.

This is a heavy Piece 0.28 in thick 2.62 in long. Comes with black waxed cotton cord

Production and copyrighted design The Carnutian Workshop - Craft Guild

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