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Handmade Pure Silver Cernunnos Leaf Ring -The Carnutian Workshop
Handmade Pure Silver Cernunnos Leaf Ring -The Carnutian Workshop

Cernunnos Leaf Ring (Hand-forged Pure Silver Ring)

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Custom made to order.

Cernunnos Leaf Ring (Hand-forged Special Occasion Pure Silver Ring)

Fragile ring to be worn for special celebrations or rituals. Hand-forged from .999 Pure Silver ingot. A single band leads from a leaf to the Carnutian Spiral like a leaf of the trees - spiraling down from our natural world into the deeper realm of the otherworld. 

As a part of the old scroll of elvish enchantments, we came across a passage about how to recreate the ring of Cernunnos. 

Cernunnos - the forest god of life, animals, fertility, wealth and nature. This ring will help connect you with your inner protector of animals, trees, and all around natural environments and as a protection in the underworld where he pursues evildoers. 

Leaf & scroll design is hammer forged in an ancient elvish design to envoke the most fantastical dreams. Flight of the leaf down the spiraled wall between myth and fantasy. 

Having been found from an old scroll containing many lost elvish enchantments, they will be unearthed to be available in the coming moons.

Production and copyrighted design The Carnutian Workshop - Craft Guild