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The Carnutians

The name Carnutian comes from a powerful Gaulish people in the heart of independent Gaul - The Carnutes of Cenabum. Its believed that Cenabum (modern-day Orleans in France) was the center of all Gaul.  

The great annual Druid gathering took place in the forests around Cenabum. These gatherings were the reason for the uprising in Gaul against Roman rule. The Carnutes sent 12,000 fighting men to relieve Alesia from Caesar's invasion into Gaul but shared in the defeat of the Gallic army against Caesar.  We honor the memory of the past to help guide us in the now. The Carnutian is the name that the gods gave us to work in their names and to remember we once were all free men. So in our craft, we try to give acknowledgment to the Old ways, Old Gods and our Ancestors.  

We are part of a growing family of Gaulish Re-constructionists ~ Creating and bridging the old ways in harmony with the new world while acknowledging the old Gods, Myths, and Legends. We look to find and add the foundations, creations & practices into our own lifestyle, music, and way of life. Which shows honor to those that have come before us. Our ancestry comes from Gaul which is why we focus on that area. Most of our items are based on a strong focus on the Gaulish tribes. Therein lies the influence of the Germanic Norse and Celtic tribes of ancient times. There is so much lost history and overshadowed things, so we must bring to light the Old Gods and Goddess’ and the old people’s ways of life.

The Carnutian Workshop comes from a Gaulish People.
The Carnutes were the heart of Gaul.

Carnutian is also is the name of the Annual Druidic Ceremony which and the name of the location in the forest ~ a sacred grove of trees in the area.

Our Workshop symbol is a combination of the Awen and the Triskeliion. The Awen is the 3 dots and ray of lines - and is the Druidic symbol meaning ‘Creative or Divine Inspiration’. It is encased in a symbol called a Triskelion,  the triple curve. It is one of the oldest symbols going back to the Neolithic age which has many meanings including ‘together’.

All of our items are made with special reverence, creativity, and attention to detail. A lot of heart goes into each and every one of our pieces and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Most products are made to order unless otherwise stated.
Please Contact us at the link above to inquire about a custom item!
We have a whole host of projects planned, some are in the works and we are dreaming about many more for the future. Anything from divination cards, herbal products, hand made instruments, small and large furnishings, other tools, more jewelry, clothing, and, well, the list could go for a while.

Rik (Root Huginn Carnutes) is married to Kandyce, studies Druidry at The New Order of Druidry School, makes music, captures images of moments, studies old text and is always creating and thinking up new ideas to play with.

Kandyce (Malleohheh Carnutes) is married to Rik, helping him with his many passion projects, studies herbalism, healing with food, internal and external herbal remedies, plays with plants, & creates paintings of her visions from images she captures via photography and all things beautiful.  




  Riks Brother Myke sometimes found in the workshop working on projects. Often plays in the dirt to find old relics from the natives past, makes music and is always putting his deepest mind into everything he works on.


Deep within the Forest, there is a Sacred Grove.

An arcane glow of inspiration and creativity lay within.

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