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About Our Items

All of our items are made with special reverence, creativity, and attention to detail. A lot of heart goes into each and every one of our pieces and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Our shop knives are named after the old Gaulish, Celtic and other tribes around the world, but our main focus is within the Gaulish tribes. We believe in bringing history into crafting items which are a great way for you to learn, celebrate and acknowledge the ancestors of the past

All blades are hand forged with fire hammer and hand. Most Blades are as is, while we can adjust little things (like the wood ). Custom orders can be sent from the custom order link above. We work with 1095, 5160, 1075 and reclaimed springs. And come with a handcrafted sheath. We also offer non-specific shop blades – if you would like one of those just email us.


The focus of our jewelry is making them in the names of the Gods and Goddess’ and places of myths of the Old World Pantheon but of course with our own twist in storytelling. We feel that there are many gods and goddess to honor. Having a part or likeness of them will help you to feel more connected to them as a memento. Jewelry is another type of tool, geared more typically as a thing of ornament to be seen or memory to treasure, we can think of no better than they to honor with beauty and purpose. Specialized items such as cloak pins, hair sticks, pendants and leather vambraces are also scheduled to make an appearance.

All rings come in any size and are made to order. Like the blades, the rings are made with fire hammer and hand. Right now the materials we work with are steel, copper, and pure silver. Also note, some rings can only be made in certain materials. We also will be Releasing Pewter pendents in the coming moons.

Board Game’s

Our Board games are something that I love to research and make. To the shop, games are a magical way to bring people together to share your time an mind with. We like putting the mind in the past to ponder and enjoy the moments under the tree playing these games with pristine pleasure.

There will be different versions of the Tafl Board Games such as a wooden board version, leather travel versions. Diffrent Price points for these some will be simpler and some more elaborate. Theses inclod Hnefatafl, Tablut, Tawlbwrdd, Brandubh, Ard Rí,  Alea Evangelii and Ludus Latrunculorum. Also we will be doing some old Celtic Nordic Dice Games


We work with the Elder Futhark,Younger Futhark,The Ogam and in the near moons the Anglo Saxon and we have some Gualish Runes we are making. All the Runes are made from recycled wood or reclamed wood. We have many versions with diffrent price points.


In the stillness, Awen arrives. The magic awakens and there’s nothing more magical than creating something. Not to mention discovering yourself in creating. We all were born from Awen ~ It is Natural Magic.

Go here to create a custom order.

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